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About Us

Hey, that’s great that you like to know about us.

So, here it goes. Once upon a time we stumbled about some really well priced real estate in the internet. We had no idea that property could be so affordable. In our mind, buying a house was something you do only once and you pay for it the rest of your life. The idea that you could pay a house with your 2-years savings was a total game-changer.

As we made more and more research, we saw how difficult it was to find good deals. That’s why we wanted to create a place where you can see them all at once. That’s when we created our first website

Users really liked it but the down side was – they also had properties for sale that were more expensive. They also wanted to list it with us. That’s how we ended up creating more and more real estate websites…

To make a long story short, to promote real estate in Allegheny County the best way possible we created this website.

We are developing online real estate platforms for more than 11 years – we just love real estate!

What We Do?

Basically, we just run our websites and try to keep everybody happy who uses it.

But that is enough about us

We would like to know about you, are you a private seller or a real estate agent? And most important, we like to know what real estate you have on offer. Something for sale, something for rent, where in the beautiful Allegheny County is it located… please tell us all about it.

Not only we like to know about your properties but thousands of possible buyers as well… Don’t let us wait. Create your ad today.

We are here to help you to advertise your real estate in Allegheny County

The real estate portal aims to be one of the leading portals for apartments, houses and commercial properties in Allegheny County. At the moment (in its first month of operating) this real estate portal has a monthly reach of more than 30,000 visits. Together with we operate other high-reach portals.