Allegheny County treasurer extends property tax discount

Jennifer April 1, 2020

Allegheny County treasurer extends property tax discount

County Treasurer John Weinstein is extending a discount on property taxes until the end of April in an effort to ease the financial burden of COVID-19.

Allegheny County Treasurer Office is closed

Although the Allegheny County Treasurer Office will be closed until further notice due to the Covid-19, it was announced on Thursday that the 2% discount for home owners will be extended until April 30, beyond the initial March 31 deadline.

“The announcements were made in conjunction with many other local, state, and national efforts to help stem the tide of coronavirus. By encouraging taxpayers to pay online or by mail, Treasurer Weinstein hopes to discourage members of the community from unnecessary travel at this time. The Treasure’s Office is located in the Allegheny County Courthouse, a building utilized daily by hundreds of employees as well as countless County residents seeking government or court services. With all of us doing our parts to minimize exposure and prioritize social distancing, the spread of coronavirus will hopefully be slowed.”

Mr. Weinstein recommends that taxpayers consider their online payment options.

Please visit in order to do so.