Coronavirus in Allegheny County – keep your real estate agency afloat

Jennifer March 15, 2020

Coronavirus in Allegheny County – keep your real estate agency afloat

At the moment there seems to be less interest in real estate since the COVID-19 hit Allegheny County.

This is worrying for every estate agent to say the least.

Of course, we can understand that people have to deal with other issues right now than to buy or sell a new home.

The coming of the coronavirus has been somewhat predictable, as we could see it happening already all around the globe.

One thing is for sure, we have to make sure our businesses will survive this difficult time.

We don’t know for how long we have to take special measures. Certainly, the interest in real estate will come back once the virus is gone and life is back to normal. Until then, let’s see how this situation can be improved for your real estate business with a few simple steps.

1 – Come up with a Strategy

Every advice given regarding the coronavirus usually starts with: stay calm. And yes, that’s the first thing to start with. Lean back and relax. Take some time to think about new ways your business could operate. Once you have some first ideas developed, share them with your staff and have a little brainstorm, maybe via skype if they are already working from home.

Keep in mind that a trip to a real estate agent is not on anyone’s list of priorities. Many may stay home and as they get bored looking up stuff on the internet. Virtual viewing might be one new thing you could offer allowing your clients to make a walk-through online. This might even get you some more customers.



2 – Focus on virtual solutions

Working from home, video conferencing with clients… The technology is already there. So far, there was probably no need in the business to implement it all as the face to face approach was always far more important in the real estate business. Make sure your clients know that you will still be there for them even if not in person but by other means.

3 – Work online be active on social media

A website is essential and so far, I did not meet any real estate agent in Allegheny that had none. So, this is already very good. If your online presence needs some update, now is a good time to look into it. Also, posting in social media is important.

There are many other real estate portals as well where you can post your real estate ads – you may try them out for some extra exposure.

4 – Be positive, inventive and flexible

This is your chance to come up with something that makes you stand out. Creative ideas and the use of new technology will get you back in the game in no time. Just stay positive and keep in mind to share your ideas with your staff and clients to keep everybody motivated and happy.

5 – Get help from the government

If you need help don’t be too shy to ask. The COVID-19 outbreak is not your fault. There is support from the government for exactly this situation. Such as

These are just 5 steps on how your real estate business can stay alive… There are surely a lot more.