Growing demand of golf communities in South Florida

Guest June 21, 2020

Growing demand of golf communities in South Florida

Do you plan on living in the luxurious golf community homes? Do you want to be surrounded by the beautiful lush greenery, and enrich your friendship with those living around you? If you are considering buying a golf community home, there are many factors to consider. Especially with the growth in demand for such homes, they have become excellent investment decisions.

A recent survey has shown that there are 17000+ golf community courses and community homes in the US, of which Florida is the highest. If you wish to buy golf community homes as an investment, again, there are some important parameters that you need to consider. Additionally, you might also have questions like what kind of homes are available, and what parts and amenities are accessible to residents?  Well, the best way to answer these questions is first to understand why there is a huge demand, and what makes buyers choose golf community homes.

Why do buyers choose golf community homes?

There are many reasons that encourage buyers to choose golf community homes, and it is very surprising that the golf course is not always the first reason to do so. While majority potential buyers might have that on the top of their list, others look for amenities. What attracts potential buyers to golf community homes is the active lifestyle, the manicured landscapes: walking trails, clubhouses, and other amenities.

But there is so much more offered. You have easy access to nearby entertainment, dining, shopping, performing arts, and so much more only a short drive away. With over 106 gold communities in South Florida and the increasing demand, finding the right one for our wants and needs becomes a challenge.

Factors that lead to the increasing demand

So if you are planning to buy a golf community too, your search starts online. The internet is a great platform to start with house hunting. Here are a few things that you must know that are also factors that lead to an increase in demand.


Location is a very important parameter. Real Estate professionals know that you do not buy a home but buy a community. This is because a home is easily customizable. You can change the looks with new paint, redo the layout, model the kitchen, and update the rooms, and so much more. But what you can never do is change the location. This is what makes the location a deciding factor.

Amenities accessible to residents

The amenities that are accessible to you depend on the kind of community rules and guidelines. Golf communities are mostly a part of CCD (Community Development Districts) and HOA (Homeowners Association) wherein certain rules and laws apply. Many amenities offer clubhouses, tennis courts, community pools, and many other amenities to residents and guests.

Future development

Another factor that makes a huge impact on the future development and location plays a key role. Nearly every green space might be turned into commercial development, or the community might expand. Such developments impact your home’s resale value. Instances like these are quite common in under construction or newly built homes. Whereas in already established or older communities, such changes are less common. The appreciation of the resale value of your home is a vital factor that determines the increasing demand.

Homeowner Association

The Homeowner Association or the HOA governs various laws of the community. These aspects include the design of the architecture, street use, the accommodations for parking, etc. You would also be obliged to may certain HOA fees to help maintain the upkeep of common areas, shared structures, and exteriors. You would also be bound by the CC&R or Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.

However, paying HOA fees does not reduce the value of a property. When the house and the development are new, the premium is the highest, but it reduces with age. In fact, the HOA also covers a part of the insurance on perils or areas. In some communities, the HOA is responsible for ensuring all personal property that falls under their unit like flooring, window treatments, etc.

Created with exceptional design

Every golf community house offers different features and amenities. So, you need to find what is best as per your preference and uses. What sets the community homes a class apart is that it is made from exceptional materials. They are built from the finest furnishing that boasts great quality and splendid looks. These homes speak with a unique aesthetic appeal. To find the one that resonates with your personality.


In addition to the above factors, some other reasons that make South Florida the best locality for golf community homes are

  • The location boasts pleasant climate all year round
  • These homes are a great retirement investment option
  • They provide many amenities within a short distance

Gold community homes offer so much more than just golf. So, go ahead, explore on your own, or use the internet to guide you through the various communities and courses. Find yourself the ideal golf community home with the best location for you and your family.

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Gilles Rais is the founder of Gilles Rais Fine Homes. With over 25 years in this community and 16 years as a realtor, Gilles has acquired a depth of market knowledge and experience that led him to the top of the real estate world in South Florida.

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