How your real estate business can prepare for the coronavirus

Jennifer March 3, 2020

How your real estate business can prepare for the coronavirus

The Allegheny County Health Department held a public meeting on Monday to share information about the coronavirus and the county’s local preparations. Although there are no reported cases of the novel coronavirus in Allegheny County yet it’s good to know that they are already prepared.

You may wonder what each of us can do to be prepared. Especially if you are running your own real estate business you may have to think about what measures to take. We have seen in Italy that it might be possible for some employees to work from home. If they have their own work cellphone and laptop there is surely no problem doing that.

In any case, you should start thinking about special arrangement for employees who may have to deal with children if schools or day-cares close. This is a scenario that could arise quickly.

Also, avoiding nonessential travel to locations where the virus has spread should be considered. If someone wants to book a house viewing in such location it might be wise to postpone it or to be prepared – show a 3D viewing of the house before until it is safe enough to travel to that location in person.

And as said a thousand times, as always, hand washing is something everybody can and should do as often as possible. As well as, good cough etiquette, coughing into the crook of your elbow, disinfecting potentially contaminated surfaces, staying more than six feet away from somebody who looks ill and not going out yourself if you’re sick. Those are the very simple but really effective things that we should be doing all the time anyway. It’s just that we tend to forget it until something like the coronavirus happens.

Take care of yourself. 🙂

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