We accept Real Estate Guest Posts

Jennifer February 13, 2020

We accept Real Estate Guest Posts

Do you have a subject you wish to share with our users? We’re continually looking for guest posts that provide more insight on any subject concerning Allegheny County or Real Estate.

What you need to provide for  your Real Estate Guest Post

Title: Please give us your Blog Post Title.
Name: we will publish your name as author
Keyword: the keyword you’re targeting with your article

The article has got to be unique and well researched.

Content Length: we might suggest a minimum of 500 words because it could be difficult to hide any subject in but that. Please ensure your story has relevancy to people generally which it contains helpful data.

Pictures: if you like send us a photographs for your article.
Editing: We maintain the right to change your post (content, title and captions) to enhance readability and SEO. In this case we’ll send the altered article for your approval before publishing.

If you wish to incorporate a do-follow backlink to your article you’ll do so for alittle fee of $18.
Please submit your guest post on alleghenyestate@gmail.com.

Thank you.