When you get a call about your Real Estate Tax

Jennifer August 22, 2020

When you get a call about your Real Estate Tax

You may be shocked at first but of course more than eager to pay your duties. But please don’t!

There is a nasty scam going on where someone calls potential victims to tell them of an additional real estate tax or some other kind of fee that they need to pay. This person will tell them to pay in cash to someone who will collect the money at their home.

Please note, the treasurer’s office would never work in this way. It will never request money without an official statement, and “under no circumstances” will go to a person’s house to collect money.

Allegheny County Treasurer John K. Weinstein is advising residents to be alert because it was reported that some individuals are posing as representatives of his office with the intent to scam taxpayers.

“Unfortunately, even in the middle of a pandemic, we have to remain vigilant. The best defence is awareness,” Mr. Weinstein said.

If this happened to you please call your local police department.

Of course, you can also call the treasurer’s office at 412-350-4100 if you like to confirm your real estate tax.

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